Yelling at concrete podcast – Episode 079 – Post-photographic art and politics Feat Georgia Preece

This week i sit down with Post Photographic artist and activist Georgia Preece who a few weeks ago had her […]

Yelling at concrete podcast – Episode 028 – Partisan problems Feat Martyn Cooling

Kicking of the new year with my brother Martyn Cooling Another prolific content creator we’re very different mindsets but with […]

Yelling at concrete – Episode 008 – Finding a balance Feat Charlotte Greenley

Bi-weekly podcast discussing life with occasional special guests over coffee and conversation: This week Charlotte and Graham discuss modern feminism […]

Yelling at concrete – Episode 003 – Taxing the automaton

Episode 003: Taxing the automaton
Graham talks about the introduction of AI into the wider world and the implications of robotic services on the economy in the bi-weekly podcast Yelling at concrete.

Yelling at concrete – Episode 001 – Creation of a podcast

Episode 001: Creation of a podcast
Graham discusses how the podcast came to be and the endeavor of creating through hardship and how that can inform your work in the bi-weekly podcast Yelling at concrete.