Yelling at concrete podcast – Episode 027 – Tired of falling asleep

This week Graham discusses how to fall asleep and finds annoyance with how we have never really found a solid […]

Yelling at concrete – Episode 020 – The conflict of convenience Feat Cameron Barr

Weekly podcast discussing life with occasional special guests over coffee and conversation: This week Graham and Cameron discuss: With a […]

Yelling at concrete – Episode 003 – Taxing the automaton

Episode 003: Taxing the automaton
Graham talks about the introduction of AI into the wider world and the implications of robotic services on the economy in the bi-weekly podcast Yelling at concrete.

Yelling at concrete – Episode 001 – Creation of a podcast

Episode 001: Creation of a podcast
Graham discusses how the podcast came to be and the endeavor of creating through hardship and how that can inform your work in the bi-weekly podcast Yelling at concrete.