Yelling at concrete podcast – Episode 059 – Is it the artist or the audience?

Requested by one of my lovely patreons I sit down and discuss the world of art and and whether art […]

Yelling at concrete podcast – Episode 036 – The joy of being vunerable AKA Handjobs kill people Feat WITA Meody Clark & Sarah Hughes

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Yelling at concrete – Episode 003 – Taxing the automaton

Episode 003: Taxing the automaton
Graham talks about the introduction of AI into the wider world and the implications of robotic services on the economy in the bi-weekly podcast Yelling at concrete.

Yelling at concrete – Episode 001 – Creation of a podcast

Episode 001: Creation of a podcast
Graham discusses how the podcast came to be and the endeavor of creating through hardship and how that can inform your work in the bi-weekly podcast Yelling at concrete.

Burning the candle at both ends.

This week I have a real creative struggle which I think a lot of people my age who want to be creative face and that is balancing your work life with your creative one. As some of you know I work full time and this can create conflict; working to keep your bills paid and a roof over your head is time consuming and often I do get asked “how do you find the time?” but I guess that’s my secret…I don’t.