Just recently I completed a project I ventured upon last year it spanned over an entire year from November the 14th 2010 until November the 14th 2011 ( why these dates you ask? well mainly because as you will read below the project was about reflection and having just followed my birthday I was in a reflecting mood.)  It lasted the whole year; I never missed a day and I only recently had the images developed ( that’s right I shot a years worth of film…35mm SLR film for all you camera junkies) but then that was the idea, to have images trapped in canisters for a year. You see I have a terrible memory for short-term events, I can recall whole events from years ago but they aren’t usually important events they are always silly little things, insignificant moments in time and usually only triggered by items and images I see, but my short-term memory is awful so I struggle to remember what I did yesterday, what I am doing the day after and sometimes what I’m doing in the present and it is why I am so adamant in making to do lists why I keep my weeks organised and am usually constantly reminding myself of what I am doing day-to-day.

And so I shall explain the project.

The idea of the project came as I say after my Birthday and from looking into other people’s 365 projects in which they usually pick a subject and take a  photograph of it daily, A friend of mine http://www.dominicclark.co.uk/ Dom did a 365 of self portraits each day trying to out do himself and to come up with something original every day, I have seen many projects covering many subject and the main reason these projects have become so popular is because of digital imaging and the ease at which you can craft and image and post it into a network such as Flickr and some people do such projects just as a publicity stunt, because  if one person who hadn’t seen your work before randomly sees your image from a random day they may like it and seeing that its part of a bigger project choose to follow you to see whats to come, It’s a classic technique of giving someone a small taste and they stay for more.

But I didn’t want that, I didn’t have time to craft an online persona like I do now, I didn’t have the want  for a Flickr account as I’m trying to be taken seriously as a film-maker ( though I really don’t know how my blogs benefit that) but having just grown another numeric value to my name due to time passing I realised that the year I was embarking upon would be a pretty impactful year I was finishing University, I would be moving into the ‘Real world’ I would be unemployed …Again.

So I thought why not photograph an event a day, and it seemed like a great idea until during the first day when I had a need to take another photograph and seeing as I had occupied my only ( at the time) working SLR with a roll of film which would be steadily shot day-to-day the project grew once more not only would I photograph the event of the day but try to capture something interesting or stunning everyday as well.

This idea is nothing new and nothing new to me especially, but there is a lot fo stunning poetic images which go by missed by the populace as they don’t take the time to simply look around them. It often bugs me when I see these moments and yet my phone camera is too poor quality to capture them and so carrying my trusty 35mm with me would give me that advantage.

And so I did, everyday I photographed events and moments from my year people cameoed in shots when they didn’t realise others realised but didn’t worry when  I explained that I wouldn’t be developing the film for a year and they would probably never see the shot. I captured a year in my life, and looking back now I remember more of that year than I do any other in my life as I have this selection of 700 and something photographs to remind me, to be honest I’ll probably do this again because the project wasn’t for anyone but me really and in doing so I created something which I really enjoy looking at again and again.

The images will more than likely emerge upon this site soon and in the form of a book or a video, though I don’t know who would be interested unless you spent the year with me in some way and wanted to see if you were included haha.

I’ve given myself chance to re-live a year through these snapshots of each day and that’s a satisfying result enough for me.


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  1. Michael says:

    This is very Insightful. I will try this project, But I will be using Digital camera cause i don’t have the cash to develop a year’s worth of film. :D

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