In January 2017 I did a first for me and produced a calendar. I had one simple idea…depressed animals and since then every year I’ve made another.“Every year we buy a calendar and every year they are filled with the Positivity of a thousand sitcom holiday episodes.

Positive slogans and pictures of beauty and beguilement which make the soul yearn for travel, puppies and sunsets.

But that’s not our reality is it? Our reality is of a day to day filled with grey, one where the unique wonderful people of the world fill spaces and tick boxes to be part of society at large and so this is a calendar for them, for you!

Filled with sobering slogans such as “You are alone” and “You’re not your job, your job is wanted” You can feel a sense of existential angst each month and join the other stunning creatures of the world as we collectively sigh at our positions.”

If there is any left you can still purchase one here

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