Null Point

Null point is a Project i began in 2017 and now continiuing into its second year and over 14 editions! […]


Something I love do is making music videos. They are a great way to explore something abstract or explore short […]


Of course as well as exploring my ideas and creating there is always scope for something a little more mainstream. […]

Fine art

Fine art is a passion of mine and it is my dream of being taken seriously as an artist and […]


T-shirt design is a love of mine as I find alot of t-shirts out there are frankly boring. I like […]


In 2019 Graham began the path toward publishing his first book Potatropy. Written and illustrated by himself he has been […]

Animal Calendars

In January 2017 I did a first for me and produced a calendar. I had one simple idea…depressed animals and […]


In 2014 I began a small exhibition of water colour drawings based on the bodies reaction to ailments, an exploration […]

A drawing every day

In March 2015 I began a project to create a drawing everyday. I challenged myself to keep myself motivated and […]