As you may have assertained from my website I am  for hire and if you are interested in talking about my services or an idea you have had why not get in touch!

I offer many services from,

  • Simple camera operation if you own all your own gear and just need a hand,
  • Editing of footage, If you have shot all your footage but have no means to cut it,
  • And the full package as well, if you have a band or company in need of a video for one reason or another (Corporate training videos, Promotional videos, Music Videos) If have an idea; or are looking for someone with ideas who can work on your project from inception of scripting to final edit then I am your man.
  • Illustration
  • Concept sketches
  • Story-boards

Or simply if you want to chat about and idea you’ve had and need help turning it into a project; I can offer a free consultation to help you get your moving image and art needs of the ground.

With any of the above I offer a free initial consultation, meeting up in person to discuss what you need and help you get the best you can achieve for your ideas and wants and from that initial meeting we can work together too bring your idea to fruition in the form of scripts, story boards and the eventual shooting of your film. I do not ask for any deposit until we are at the stage of shooting, because if the idea is not right for you; you wont want to be paying for it and it is only right you pay for what you actually need.

Contact me on my contact page or simply drop me an e-mail at

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