Good morning!

Time for another weekly update I think and this week has certainly been an interesting one.

This week I have a real creative struggle which I think a lot of people my age who want to be creative face and that is balancing your work life with your creative one. As some of you know I work full time and this can create conflict; working to keep your bills paid and a roof over your head is time consuming and often I do get asked “how do you find the time?” but I guess that’s my secret…I don’t.

What people see as extra work on top of my full time work, such as scripting or drawing or filming or writing these updates ( A lot of ‘or’ in that sentence ) I see as passion and what I really want to do, work is just a means to an end and is required so I can go out and do things; shoot photography, film, buy sketch books, pencils and have a netflix subscription. I’ve been broke and unemployed and all it does is make you depressed and less productive. I’d rather be exhausted and productive than relaxed and stagnant.

“Content is never good enough.” – Graham Cooling

So with that in mind this week I published a new show reel, a highlight of the work i created in the past couple of years and I’d be honored if you would check it out!

I also began some pre-production work on an idea I had for a television show! Which is a bit of a departure for me as I’ve never really scripted a show which wasn’t narrative. I’ve written segments and filmed short interviews but scripting a documentary esq idea is a new realm but you know me I’m all about a challenge.

It also saw the continuation of Kevin and having worked out the first draft of the script which I’m not receiving feedback on I can being making frame references and drawing real actual concept pieces which I’m hoping to show the world in the next couple of months!

As always the daily sketches continue we’re up to 191 as of writing this, the most popular this week being a tired beaver!

Thank you for reading as always and for regular updates you can look at the links below!

Tired beaver enjoying a drink #illustration #drawing #365project #365

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