Graham Cooling is a freelance creative living in the UK based currently in Lincolnshire.

With a diverse range of styles and skills he’s lent his hands to many projects across the breadth of the creative industry many of which you can find on this site.

Currently employed within the games industry. Graham takes on freelance projects and commission pieces in his free time; as well as keeping his pet projects in progress to keep a deep footing within local and international Art endeavors.

Regularly producing a weekly discussion podcast called Yelling at concrete he is the founder of Null point a small press Zine which promotes anonymous art and creativity. Along side all of which he is the creator of Potatropy a graphic novel documenting the life of Potato boy.

If you’d like to stay up to date with any of his work you can find him on the following platforms and if you’re interested in working with him or hiring him in a freelance capacity please contact or use the contact form.

“I love to create and I’ve been lucky enough to be involved and meet with a lot of exciting and passionate people to not only create my own work but help them create their own, I pride myself on my ability to push an idea to new and interesting places and never become stagnant with the work I do.  With each project I work on I try to give each piece my own unique style. 

My passion for contemporary media is constantly growinga nd I find time to experiment with new technology and techniques as well as having a adoration for out of style and classic tools of the trade.

I’m always looking for new work, new projects and new people to collaborate with and am still looking to get my foot in the door for something permanent in the creative industries but until then I shall keep working and keep exploring as it is my passion and pride to be part of Art, Entertainment and Culture today”

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