So where are we at the moment? I guess that is the best question to start with when looking at what I’ve been up to.

Well currently as some of you already know I work full time and my exploration of Film, Art and all things connected to that is something I peruse in my spare time and one day I hope to make it further and explore the outer world of creative employment.

So let’s make a quick list of the projects I’m currently involved in or am working on!

  • The 365 project
  • Kevin
  • Film locations show
  • Getting back into Youtube
  • Music video for Your Cat is a Landmine
  • Short film – Migraine

See I have this problem with wanting to do bit of everything at once and I end up procrastinating by working on items which don’t need my attention (productive procrastination), for instance when I first started writing my graphic novel I got about three chapters in and started drawing story boards! When I started drawing story boards I decided to do test pieces for the finished project which was eons away!

Never the less I have had a bit more focus recently and with that focus found that ideally a key of creation is finishing something.

If you have something to do or throw yourself into an idea; finish it. Even if in the end you hate it or midway you hate it; make sure you finish it as you’ll feel a lot better than stopping and having something half done. My 365 has taught me a lot about that ( If unfamiliar I’m currently engaged in doing a drawing a day from suggestions made by the public for the expanse of a year) Each day I have to go through the creative process and I’d say a good 50% of the time I get half way through my drawing and think, ‘nah I could have done this better‘ but seeing as I only have one shot at it a day I have to stick with it and have to finish it. ( I made a rule that I cannot tear pages from the sketch books I’m using The sketchbook I did in crayon was the worst.)

This whole finishing thing  has lead to quite the achievement for me really, I managed to finish my very first draft of Kevin!

script draft oneWhich means from now on I can move on and begin making frame references an adding more detail until I have something which I can actually call draft two! This is a big leap for me and for the book; It’s now in the hands of some of my creative and critical thinking companions who will give me notes moving forward for the second draft. (Constructive feedback is always needed, never go out entirely alone into the creative spectrum)

As for my one a day, they continue, they grow and consume sketchbooks one by one.

This weeks favorite image as voted by you guys across social media:

Another big Item this week is that Frequency Festival is returning to Lincoln!

If you didn’t know Frequency festival is a bi annual digital art festival which takes place in Lincoln, UK with the aim of bringing art and people together in one big bubble to cause discussion and brilliance in many forms. At the last one I acted as a volunteer videographer and helped document the entire festival in video form and recently made a highlight reel of that past event, so if you fancy watching the link is below!

Frequency Festival – 2013 from Graham Cooling on Vimeo.

That is about it for this week so if you fancy weekly updates and are interested in following the project feel free to subscribe and you’ll get a mail each week updating you and if you want dailies you’ll just have to follow one of the links below!

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